Sailboards Maui Early Years

First windsurfing shop on Maui
(Bill King and Mike Waltze)

Sailboards Maui, is the historical name of the first windsurfing shop in Maui and the initiator of the windsurfing custom boards and the wave sailing lifestyle.

Created in the late 70s by partners Mike WaltzeFred Haywood and Bill King, Sailboards Maui's business plan was to bring windsurfing to Maui.  Together, they sponsored the first ever wave contest in windsurfing history called the Maui Grand Prix.

A young shaper by the name of Jimmy Lewis started shaping custom sailboards, a logo created by "Surfing Magazine" founder, John Severson and Sailboards Maui was forever set into motion.  After Sailboards Maui's success, the word was out, and Maui became a windsurfing mecca and custom boards became a must for wave riding and jumping.

After 11 years of shaping surf boards in Santa Cruz, California, Dave Mel joined Sailboards Maui in the middle 80s.  A few years latter, Dave was to become the heart and soul of Sailboards Maui.  In 1990 Dave became the sole proprietor, thus assuring Sailboards Maui's continuing role as a leader in the custom sailboard market.


Upon arriving on Maui, Dave learned to shape sailboards from such greats asEd Angulo (still learning to play golf from Ed),Mike Waltze, John Price, Ken Tilton and Mark Angell.  He learned designs and rockers by making special boards for contests and big wave models for Ho'okipa.  By 1986 he had already shaped boards for Mike Waltze, Matt Schweitzer, Phil McGain, Alan Cadiz and Fred Haywood.

The next few years, the team grew withSierra Emory and Francisco Goya. Dave hired Sean Ordonez, who had somehow gotten fired as the glasser for Ed Angulo.   Sailboards Maui was now making boards for over half the pro sailors in the world!  

  • Francisco Goya
  • Sierra Emory
  • Brent Pickering
  • Sean Ordonez
  • Brian Talma
  • Bjorn Dunkerbeck
  • Josh Stone
  • Jason Stone
  • Cantagalli
  • Nick Baker
  • Dave Osborn
  • Jan Boersma
  • Natsuki Iijima
  • Bruce Wylie
  • Phil McGain
  • Stu Martin

Though many of the Pros which honed their skills using Sailboards Maui custom boards have moved on to develop their own product lines, Dave continues to maintain a loyal following of those who have experienced his boards.  Recent team riders such asPascal Hardy, Kelly Moore, and Fabrice Beaux have further demonstrated the capabilities of Dave Mel's designs.